Innovation reward commendation congress 2016 excellent employees

2016 / 04 / 28 | pakcare.newsgroups
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Since March 2016 "the innovation incentive system", just more than a month, BaiKai production frontline staff in their respective positions to find!To discuss!Practice!Innovation!

Among them, the more prominent on the filling line GuHuiMin Lou teacher soldiers with packing department put forward good improvement advice in the work, is proved effective to improve the yield, improved the production process.Approved by the company leadership to give GuHuiMin/lu division soldier awarded "outstanding staff innovation award", and to give cash incentives.
Through this innovative commendation congress, BaiKai biological technology co., LTD. Will inspire a bigger wave of innovation.Only continuous innovation, develop more!That's right, "colorful vitality, because have you!"With your positive innovation, believe it!BaiKai creatures will create a splendid and colorful 2016!
The comrades!PAKCARE come on!

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