Packaging workshop, production line of good staff - AERLSA

2016 / 04 / 27 | pakcare.newsgroups
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Packing workshop production line first, AERLSA just BaiKai biological hundreds of employees in general a adhesive.However, in the general assembly line jobs but she made a feature of his "fast" "good quality".
By the reaction of colleagues, AERLSA in living at ordinary times is a quiet woman, absolutely is a "wife" in the family.On the surface looked at quiet and gentle, she ACTS as tough.For example, one time due to a customer in New Zealand at the end of March 50000 orders, to the goods on April 10.It is hard to complete this tense time in normal times.The first step for shipment to 5 days to complete, middle and outer packing printing/packaging/quality test, combined with the logistics time, etc., a series of factors caused this order cannot be completed.
In each department collective meeting, AERLSA proposed packaging can save two days for the production line...By other departments also emulate AERLSA spirit, in their respective work out different time.In the New Zealand customers should receive the goods one day in advance.
Then we asked the leadership of AERLSA is how to do?She smiled and light say that time is dead, people are living, there's always squeeze more time.

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