Spring production safety, strengthen the fire control safety! BaiKai biological spring fire drill

2016 / 04 / 26 | pakcare.newsgroups
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On April 20, 2016 in the afternoon, accompanied by a quick alarm began "BaiKai biological spring fire drill" activity.Hear the sirens, each department manager immediately reach the designated position, fast evacuation guidance department staff, bent, cats, nose and mouth along the workshop safety export instructions signposts fast forward, ordered evacuated to safety company downstairs small square, then count the department supervisor, and report to the up layer upon layer.

After all the safe evacuation, the procurement engineer jian qin about how all the staff from alarms, fire prevention, fire self-help and escape methods on fire control safety common sense to tell...Jian qin emphasized the correct way of using the fire extinguisher, gradually from handle to put the fire out, and so on detailed demonstration.

On the second floor of the production workshop director Peng Jun joint printing on the fourth floor supervisor Wan Bo also illustrates the fire hydrant fire scenario for everyone.

The led by high production department manager to organize departments launched a safe evacuation, fire drill, to further improve the BaiKai staff on fire control safety consciousness, strengthen employee in emergencies strain capacity, self-help, and ability to escape.Again to verify the BaiKai production workshop employees in the event of a fire, can keep up, orderly and quickly according to the safe evacuation, fire escape routes to ensure life safety and fire control safety of the company.

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